Sigulda Timber - Returning products

14 day return policy

To return a product you must fill out the return form, you can download it 

Return works only for local shop - Sigulda Timber!

Product rejection right

  • The buyer has the right to reject the purchased product within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the product. 

  • Product rejection rights end after 14 (fourteen) days, counting from the day the products have been received.

  • In order to use their product return/rejection rights, the Buyer must unambiguously inform the seller about the decision to return the Product. The decision to return the Product can be notified by filling out the Product returns form and submitting it to the Seller. 

  • In order to ensure compliance with the Product rejection right term, it is sufficient for the Buyer to notify their wish to return the Product to the Seller and to submit the application electronically by sending it to


Product return rights

  • The Seller has the right to demand the return of the full Product order, rather than just a part of the order.

  • The returned product may not have been used, the Product may not be sorted, it may not be unpacked and it must be adequately stored.

  • Dried timber products may not be stored in unsuitable conditions that can affect the humidity state of the products (in an open location where the Product is exposed to rain, in humid spaces, etc.). If it is established that the Product has been stored inadequately, the Seller has the right not to accept to Product. 

  • The Seller can refuse to accept the Product if the non-compliance of the timber products exceeds 5% for C24 and C16 quality. If 2nd sort Products have been purchased, they may have a larger percentage (%) of quality non-compliance (fallen branches and other defects). When purchasing 2nd sort products, the Buyer must verify that the Product will be usable for the intended purpose.

  • Any costs connected with returning the Products must be covered by the Buyer.

Consequences of returning Products

  • If the Buyer rejects a Product, the Seller will repay the money paid by the Buyer without undue delay and not later than within 14 (fourteen) days of the day when the Seller was notified about the Buyer’s wish to reject the Product. 

  • The Seller will refund the money for the purchased product using the same means of payment that the Buyer used originally.

  • The Seller has the right to retain the Product purchase amounts until the moment when the Product has been returned and it has been verified that the Product has not been used, has been adequately stored and is not damaged. 

  • The Buyer must return or send back the Product without undue delay and not later than within 14 (fourteen) days of the day when the Buyer has notified their wish to return the Product. In order to comply with the term, the Buyer must send the Product back before the end of the 14 (fourteen) day term. 


*C24 quality - Intended for load-bearing and auxiliary constructions

**C16 quality - Intended for load-bearing and auxiliary constructions

***2nd sort – Intended for use as auxiliary material, not intended for load-bearing constructions