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SIA “Priežavoti” is a company founded in Latvia that has successfully operated in the woodworking field since 1999. Starting from 2000 we have been producing timber and exporting it to the UK and other countries. In our work – chiefly in exporting timber abroad - we have perfected our skills in timber production. After developing our manufacturing processes and assessing the demand for timber in the Latvian market, in 2018 we decided to open our first retail shop “Siguldas Kokmateriāli” (Sigulda Timber), offering competitive prices, excellent material quality and rapid delivery.

The retail shop “Siguldas Kokmateriāli” offers various certified C24 and C16 timber products – boards of various thickness, beams, lath boards, floor, terrace and paneling boards that are available dried and planed. Additionally we also offer non-planed and non-dried boards, as well as 2nd sort material that can be used as auxiliary material for lower prices. On location we also provide material processing with an antiseptic, surface processing of the material for 4 hours through immersion in the green antiseptic. If deep impregnation under pressure is required, the material is transported for processing to our partner locations. Currently we also offer on-location purchases of OSB panels for construction, screws of different sizes and types, as well as paints and oils for wood processing. 

“Siguldas Kokmateriāli” cooperates both with legal persons and with natural persons. We provide consultations and prepare cost estimates to ensure the best solutions in timber product choice.

Company details

SIA Priežavoti 


Legal adress: Annas Sakses iela 18-2, Rīga

Storage adress: Pulkveža Brieža iela 113, Sigulda

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